ABOUT US / Investment

Our investment
approach is distinctive


Our portfolios house diverse

Multi-manager structure

We divide portfolios into segments, each run by an individual manager. The managers represent a diverse set of backgrounds, styles and approaches. Typically, each is personally invested in the portfolios they manage

Our investment analysts do more more
than make recommendations

The research portfolio

At most firms, analysts only recommend investments, but at Portfoliocapital they typically have the opportunity to actually invest in their highest conviction ideas. Most funds have research portfolios managed by analysts.

We strongly believe long-term investing aligns with client goals, and our culture and compensation structure reinforce that focus. We typically hold investments significantly longer than our industry peers.

Our system provides management
continuity and a consistent approach

A time-tested system

Our multiple-manager system supports our commitment to investors with long-term goals. It has allowed us to navigate near-term noise and periods of economic and market uncertainty in pursuit of key goals..

Long-Term: patient, disciplined,
intelligent investing

As long-term business owners – not traders or speculators – we can capitalize on the fear and greed that drive short-term market prices by investing with a five-plus year horizon, using objective intrinsic values.

We have maintained our long-term discipline since our inception, even as time horizons for most investors have moved meaningfully shorter. As long-term, bottom-up, fundamental business appraisers, volatility is our friend and enables time horizon arbitrage. Short-term market price dislocations give us the opportunity to own discounted, high quality businesses run by partners who compound long-term value, which are temporarily out of favor. Because PortfolioCapital is independent aligned ourselves with our clients by investing alongside them in our funds, closing our strategies when it would benefit our shareholders to do so and maintaining an open dialogue over time. We are fortunate to have developed a strong base of likeminded, long-term, aligned clients who have allowed us to successfully pursue our approach .

In the short run, the market is a voting machine, but in the long run it is a weighing machine.