Invested in long-
term value

As an alternative asset manager with over $8
billion in assets under management and an over
10-year heritage as owners and operators, we are
invested in long-life, high-quality assets and
businesses in more than 15 countries around the

We believe in a distinctive way of
managing money

Our system prioritizes superior and
repeatable fund results

Portfolio Capitals was founded in 2010 to do one thing: deliver compelling
investment results for our clients over the long term. We believe good investments are
built on close partnerships, strong alignment and deep personal relationships with
our partners.

We believe in deep,
fundamental research

When we invest in companies, we want to know them from break room to boardroom

At Portfolio Capitals , We are first and foremost investors. Our research is more than just numbers. We source new investment opportunities relentlessly and diligence them exhaustively, never compromising on the quality of our decision-making process.

We'll build the right portfolio for you.

We are a global investment firm with one goal: generating long-term
outperformance so you can maximize your impact on the world.

Access to Global Investment Ideas

Our well-established investment platform and manager network are built to drive better outcomes.

Specialized Expertise

Our investment professionals bring knowledge and acumen built over decades of experience across client types and asset classes.

Deep Partnerships

Your investment team works diligently to understand your unique needs and customizes a portfolio and experience to match.

Alignment with Clients

As an independent firm, we have no other business agendas competing for our best ideas and our decisions are motivated only by your interests.

Enhancing communities
across many real estate

We own and operate an irreplaceable portfolio of iconic properties located
in the world’s most dynamic markets. We acquire high-quality assets on a
value basis and drive investment performance through active operational improvements.

Real Estate

Portfolio Capitals is where you belong

Wonderful people. Exception results. Now is a
great time to join the Portfolio Capitals Community
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